What classes are offered:

  • Monday - Full body workout to start the week off on the right foot
  • Tuesday - Legs
  • Wedenesday - Abs
  • Thursday - Full body workout
  • Friday - Arms
  • Saturday - start a little later in the morning 9AM usually, lasts a little longer, 45 minutes and is a full body workout, we call it the Jane

    Once your registration has been successfully completed, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group where all the workouts will be posted.

    If for some reason we can't do the workout live, we send a notice to the Private Facebook Group

    • The workouts can be done LIVE at 7:00 am AST Monday to Friday or anytime your schedule suits. There is also a bonus live 45 minute workout Saturdays generally at 9AM AST.

    Subscribing, paying and cancelling

    • Auto-renewal subscriptions take the work out of having to re-sign up every single month. Once you sign up for the monthly membership you don’t have to do anything else moving forward, unless of course, you need to cancel or suspend your subscription.        
    • All monthly memberships include a free 7-day trial. Your credit card will be charged $34.50/month after your free trial.

    Suspending/Cancelling Account

    • To cancel your subscription log in to your account at https://kerrymaher.com/ and access the "My Profile" tab. From there you’ll see a "cancel" button. Click that and your subscription will be canceled. If you’d like to join in a few month’s time or earlier just log in via your my account, go to the Subscription tab and click resubscribe. From there you’ll be directed to the checkout page where you’ll just complete the fields so all of your information is up-to-date. Even though you may cancel your subscription you are always able to access your my account using your username/email and password.

    Refund Policy

    • A seven day free trial is available to all users upon signing up. If at any time you’re not satisfied within the trial period, you can cancel your account before your trial ends and you will not be charged.
    • Unless your account is canceled, you will begin to be billed automatically. Once we begin to bill you, cancellations take effect starting at the end of your current billing period, meaning there are no partial month refunds or credits.

      In general, once an account is past the free trial or billing period, the user is responsible for all subscription fees.

      To cancel the subscription within the trial period, go to your my account and click the Subscription tab. From here, click or access your active subscription and click the "Cancel "button.

    What equipment do I need?

    • All that is needed is a little space to move. It is recommended the user wear sneakers but not required. Weights are an add-on option. Recommended would be 5-12 lbs.  Also, a yoga type matt is useful.  Oh, and remember to bring water and show up more than you don't!